Over-The-Shoulder Bag (Two Versions)

Over-the-Shoulder bag (plain version)

My amazing roommate modeling for me

I was looking for a cross-the-chest, over-the-shoulder slouchy bag pattern, but couldn’t find any I liked, so I started experimenting. This isn’t really slouchy, but I love it anyway. I first made this in plain Stockinette stitch with gray worsted weight yarn. The strap turned out longer than I planned because I forgot to allow for stretch, so I tried to fix that, and I liked the bag so much that I made another using a cable pattern in variegated yarn. It turns out a little smaller with the cabling. I didn’t bother with lining as it works just fine without and the curve of the strap makes a zipper unnecessary. This is my first shot at writing out one of the patterns I’ve designed, so if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, don’t hesitate to ask!

Casey modelling cabled version


  • 1 skein worsted weight yarn (you won’t use it all)
  • US Size 8 straight needles
  • Cable needle (if doing cabled version)
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn holder or waste yarn

Bag: 9”x9”
Strap: 34” long, 2” wide

17 St st, 23 rows to 4”x4”

Side 1:

CO 32

Row 1, 3, 5: K

Row 2, 4, 6: P1, yo, P to last st, yo, P1

Row 7-47 (7 in): work in ST st

Row 48: K7, BO 24, K7

Row 49: (working 7 st for strap): P

Row 50: K5, K2tog (6 st)

Row 51: P

Row 52: K4, K2tog (5 st)

Row 53: P

Row 54: K3, K2 tog (4 st)

Place remaining st on holder or waste yarn

Repeat rows 49-54 for other 7 st

Side 2:

As side 1

Take last 4 st, add 4 st from holder, side 1 (make sure the sides match up as these 8 st will form the strap)

K in ST st to desired strap length (remember the yarn will stretch when worn, so knit slightly shorter than desired length)

Graft 8 st from other holders using Kitchner st


Sew seam using mattress stitch

Zipper or lining can be added as desired.


Both finished versions

Additional version (Cables):


Cable detail

XOXO cable pattern:

Worked over 12 st and 16 rows

Row 1, 3: K2, P8, K2

Row 2: P2, K8, P2

Row 4: P2, sl2 on CN (hold back), K2, K2 f/ CN, sl2 on CN (hold front), K2, K2 f/ CN, P2

Row 5-7: Repeat Rows 1-3

Row 8: P2, sl2 on CN (hold front), K2, K2 f/ CN, sl2 on CN (hold back), K2, K2 f/ CN, P2

Row 9-12: Repeat Rows 5-8

Row 13-16: Repeat Rows 1-4


Row 1: K3, XO pattern, K4, XO pattern, K3

Row 2: P1, yo, P2, XO pattern, P4, XO pattern, P2 yo, P1

Row 3: K4, XO pattern, K4, XO pattern, K4

Row 4: P1, yo, P3, XO pattern, P4, XO Pattern, P3, yo, P1

Row 5: K5, XO pattern, K4, XO pattern, K5

Row 6: P1, yo, P4, XO pattern, P4, XO pattern, P4, yo, P1

Row 7-47, odd: K6, XO pattern, K4, XO pattern, K6

Row 8-46, even: P6, XO pattern, P4, XO pattern, P6

From this point, it is the same as the plain version. Use St st for the strap as with first version.

Pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use.

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