Kicking With Honesty

By Jen Novotny

 I wrote this short scene one evening when I couldn’t sleep. I would like to expand it, but I also like it as is.

A college dorm party, complete with beer pong table and nonsensical music in the background. Set up is stage left. Stage right is in darkness. A few people dancing, playing beer pong, etc. Action begins when JESSICA and CHRISTINA bump into each other downstage. A few people stop to watch what happens, but most go about their business. More stop as scene continues.

JESSICA: Fancy seeing you here. How unfortunate

CHRISTINA: You could always leave.

JESSICA: Why? These are my friends. And I’m having such a lovely time. Other than the eyesore in the room, of course.


GIRL: I think she means you.

CHRISTINA: What the fuck?

JESSICA: Should I be more blunt?

CHRISTINA: Why are you so jealous of me?

JESSICA: Jealous? [laughs] You’re so funny. You know who you remind me of? Kristen Stewart. Look like a crack whore. Noticeably absent personality. You think biting your lip is smiling. I’ll bet you liked Twilight didn’t you? You thought it was well-written and romantic, huh? It’s perfectly fine to like the books or even those god awful films in a guilty pleasure sort of way. So long as you recognize how bad they are.

CHRISTINA: What are you even talking about?

JESSICA: You. How much you disgust me. Maybe if you did something with your hair or wore attractive clothing… But even that wouldn’t give you a personality. Or acting ability. At least you’d be kind of pretty.

SEBASTIAN: Jess, cool it, yea?

JESSICA: You’re right. I should go. It’s been lovely, darling.

[As JESSICA walks toward the door, CHRISTINA grabs her arm and slaps her. JESSICA stands still for a moment, blinking slowly.]

JESSICA: That was so pathetic, I don’t know that it deserves a retaliation.

[Suddenly, JESSICA splashes her drink in CHRISTINA’s face and punches her. CHRISTINA falls to the ground.]

JESSICA: Sorry about the mess, Sebastian. I’d offer to clean it up, but I’d probably just end up hitting her again.

[She turns again to leave. CHRISTINA grabs her ankle and bites down. JESSICA screams, kicks out, launching CHRISTINA into the beer pong table.]

JESSICA: You little bitch! I was going to let you off easy, but now…

[JESSICA stalks towards CHRISTINA. Everyone is just standing and watching. JESSICA stops.]

JESSICA: Seriously? You guys are just going to stand there and let me continue beating the shit out of her? Do you hate her that much too or does humanity just suck more than I thought?

[JESSICA leaves. SEBASTIAN follows her. They don’t speak until they settle in the common room of JESSICA’s dorm on opposite side of the stage]

SEBASTIAN: Alright, what was that?

JESSICA: I can’t stand that chick [shrug]

SEBASTIAN: Why do you hate her so much?

[long pause]

JESSICA: She reminds me of me. How I used to be. In high school. Thinking I was the shit. No personality to speak of. No common sense. No real friends. And not even pretty because I didn’t know how to do it, but damn did I think I looked good. The visual representation of my fucked up perception. I hate her because she takes me back to those days. Worse. I feel sorry for her. I wanted to help her at one point. She wouldn’t let me. So now, I try to avoid her. But when we do come into contact… Well… Maybe I can kick some sense into her with honesty.

SEBASTIAN: Or your foot.

JESSICA: Whatever works.

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