Horseshoe Pattern Hat and Scarf (Part Two)

Slouchy Horseshoe Hat

Here’s the second part of Hat and Scarf combo I made for my friend.


Worsted Weight yarn

Size 8 straight needles


CO 81 st

Row 1: K1, P1

Row 2: P1, K1

Repeat next two rows

Row 5-12, Horseshoe Pattern

Row 5: P

Row 6: P1, *yo, K3, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K3, yo, P1, rep from * to end of row

Row 7: P

Row 8: P1, *K1, yo, K2, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K2, yo, K1, P1, rep from * to end

Row 9: P

Row 10: P1, *K2, yo, K1, sl 1, K2tog, psso, K1, yo, K2, P1, rep from * to end

Row 11: P

Row 12: P1, *K3, yo, sl 1, K2tog, psso, yo, K3, P1, rep from * to end

Close up of stitching

The next part starts to get a bit tricky. You’ll need to keep track of two numbers at the same time as you begin working in short rows. This is what creates the slouch effect.

Row 13: Purl 78 st, turn work (should have 3 st on right needle)

Row 14: K 10 (including 3 already there) then work in pattern as usual for 66 st (total 76 st on right needle)

Continue working in short rows, knitting 2 fewer than previous row each time until there are 41 st on right needle to start. This can be complicate, but by remembering that each pattern set is 10 st, it gets easier. Note: when beginning/ending a short row in the middle of the stitch pattern, simply knit the necessary st without working in pattern

Should have 37 rows ending on wrong side (though it shouldn’t be necessary to keep track of this number; this is just for reference purposes)

Row 32: Work remaining st as Row 6

Row 33: P to end

Continue working in Horseshoe pattern for two or three more sets depending on how big you wish the hat to be. The decreases will only add about half an inch.


Row 1: P

Row 2: K2tog across

Row 3-5: *P2tog, P1* across

Row 6: K

Row 7: P2tog across


Cut yarn approx. 10”

Use yarn needle to pull  yarn through remaining needle. Then, use remaining yarn to sew two edges together forming back seam.

Et voila!

This pattern is free for personal, non-commercial use.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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