The Meggy Skirt

The Meggy

I designed this skirt with my suitemate Megan in mind. False pleats and lacy hem turned out great. I recommend a couple more decreases towards the ribbing as it ended up bigger than expected. However, a small black belt looks great with it! I love how this turned out, and I’m going to be making another for myself. Possibly changing the pattern a bit. If I do change things, I’ll post up another version of this pattern. Enjoy!

Meggy modelling her skirt


1 ½ Skeins Simply Soft

Size 8 needles

Size 5 needles

Yarn Needle

Size: 14” long, 32” waist

Gauge: 16 st X 24 rows= 4”X4”

2 Sides:

CO 104 st

Row 1: K

Row 2: K1 *K3, yo, K3tog, yo, rep from *, K1

Row 3: Purl

Row 4: K1, *yo, K3tog, yo, K3, rep from *, K1

Row 5: Purl

Rep 2-5 once

Row 10: Knit, dec 1 every 20 st (100 st)

Should be approx. 1 ½”

Row 11: P11, *K12, P10, rep from *, P1

Row 12: K11, P12, K10, rep from *, K1

Row 13: Reverse of 12

Rep 12 and 13 for next 3 rows

Row 16: P11, *K2tog, K10, P10, rep from *, P1 (96 st)

Row 17: P11, *K11, P10, rep from *P1

Row 18: Reverse of 17

Repeat 17 and 18 next 3 rows

False pleat and hem detail

Row 22: P11, *K10, K2tog, P10, rep from *, P1 (92 st)

Row 23: K/P as appropriate for ST st

Row 24: reverse of row 23

Repeat 23 and 24 next 3 rows

Row 28: P12, *K9, P10, rep from *, P1

This is a “decrease.” You are purling one more than the previous rows. This creates the “pleats,” eventually there will be no knit stitches on the right side of the work.

K/P or P/K next 5 rows

Row 34: “dec” as before, but from opposite end (meaning, if you reduced knit stitches from beginning, now reduce from the end)

K/P or P/K 5 rows

Row 40: “Dec” as row 28

K/P or P/K 5 rows

Dec as row 22 (88 st)

K/P or P/K 5 rows

3 more “dec” over 18 rows

Dec as row 16 (84 st)

K/P or P/K 5 rows

“Dec” as row 28

K/P or P/K 5 rows

Useful Diagrams I drew while designing

(At this point, it should be down to two knit stitches for each segment on right side)

Purl row, purling tog two remaining knit st (80 st)

Work in ST st 3 more rows

Switch to size 5 needles

K2, P2 ribbing 5 rows

BO knitwise


Pick up and knit 42 st (doesn’t have to be perfect but try to make them even) along slipped stitches (elongated v’s) on side of skirt side panel. Do this for two sides of the skirt. Graft sides tog using Kitchner st. Repeat on the other sides. Weave in ends.

This pattern is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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