Super Simple, Super Skinny Tie

I made this for my boyfriend. He likes super skinny ties, and I like designs that are clean and super simple. So, I devised this. Length depends on the person. I’m planning to make one for myself, but I made this one much longer because it’s for someone a foot taller than me.

Size 3 needles

Worsted weight yarn

Gauge: 6st X 6rows=1” X 1”

CO 2


K1, m1, K1


K1, m1, K1, m1, K1


K2, m1, K2, m1, K1


K2, m1, K4, m1, K1

K9 til piece measures 9 in.

K4, K2tog, K3

K8 til piece measures 12 in.

K3, K2tog, K3

K7 til piece measures 14 in.

K3, K2tog, K2

K6 until piece measures approx.  37 in.

K2, K2tog, K2

K5 to desired length (approx 50” or longer recommended)

K2, K2tog, K1


K1, K2tog, K1


K1, K2tog


Pull yarn through remaining st tightly and weave in ends


Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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