10,000 Words

Well, it’s week two of NaNoWriMo, and I just hit 10,000 words. Which, by the by, means that I am WAY behind. I should be much closer to 20,000 by this point. However, I refuse to be daunted because my novel is coming along swimmingly.

It’s about Orion, the constellation, and Orion, the mythological hunter. It’s about cults. It’s about sons and daughters of larger than life people from ancient times. It’s about a magic belt. It’s about the stars. It’s about kidnapping and danger. It’s about family. It’s about love.

I’m also slowly figuring out that there are two main character rather than one (and neither of them is Orion, who still hasn’t actually entered the story yet, but I’m getting there). It’s a mother and daughter. Donna and Belle Betel. I’m pretty crazy about both of them, so I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this will be, too.

Anyway, I need to get back to writing on my novel. Lots of catching up to do. But here’s a snippet of what I’ve written today. Words of encouragement greatly appreciated 🙂

“A man tried to take me from the accident,” she said.

“Like take you to safety?” He asked. Belle shook her head. Mr. Marcus sighed and rubbed his eyes. “You were nearly killed in a car accident, which looks deliberate, and then you were nearly kidnapped… You haven’t even been in town for a whole day, yet, kiddo.”

“Trust me; I know,” Belle said ruefully.

“Did you recognize the guy?” Mr. Marcus asked. Belle started to shake her head, but then she stopped mid-motion. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly. The cold ball of fear in her stomach returned.

“I think that’s the guy from my street.”


“On the day that we left my house, there was a guy at the end of the street. I didn’t recognize him, but I thought he was watching me,” Belle said. She grew more agitated as she put the pieces together. “And the gas station! I wondered why that guy creeped me out so much; it was because it was the same guy. I recognized him! And at the wreck…” She started pacing, though she still stayed very close to Mr. Marcus. “I was really out of it because I’d hit my head, but that guy… It was the same guy. I know it was!”

“Belle, calm down,” Mr. Marcus said. He grabbed Belle’s arms and pulled her close to him. “Now listen to me. Tomorrow, you and I are going down to the police station, and you’re going to tell them what you just told me. In fact, maybe I should stay here with you tonight instead of going to a hotel.”

“No,” Belle said slowly. “No, you should go. If you stay, Geoff will realize that something is wrong.”

Geoff’s dad stepped back and studied her face for a moment before answering.

“Alright,” he said. “You’re right. As long as you feel safe enough to be here by yourself. You have my number. Call me if you get uncomfortable, even a little bit, and I’ll come straight back. I’ll get the nearest hotel I can.”

“Ok, that does make me feel better,” Belle said.

She hugged him, and then he left. Belle watched him walk out the door and out of sight before she slowly made her way back to Geoff’s room. When she reached the room, it was dark. Apparently Geoff had asked one of the nurses to turn off the lights. Only the tiny wall lamps that were constantly on gave any light to the hospital room. She went over to the bed and sat down by Geoff’s still form. He must have fallen back asleep while she was escorting his dad out. She watched his chest rise and fall with his breathing, and she felt peaceful.

A sudden noise behind her made her breath catch in her throat. Belle froze as she heard the gentle swoosh of the bathroom door opening, barely perceptible under the hum of the hospital instruments surrounding the bed. Belle turned slowly, and she felt like she was in a horror movie as she saw a black figure slowly emerge from the bathroom. She felt a scream building in her throat, but when she opened her mouth, no sound came out. The figure advanced on her steadily.

Something snapped in her head, and Belle leapt up to try to wake Geoff or call for help or run for the door or do anything, anything at all to keep the man away from her. But it was too late. Her moments of frozen terror had left her with not enough time and zero options. The man was suddenly on her, and the only thing she saw before she blacked out, was the face of the man who had been following. Except it can’t be him because he’s dead, she thought. And then there was inky silence.

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