My Humble View on the Tarot

I recently began to study the tarot cards, and I have begun to develop some distinct views on these cards that I would like to share.

To begin, I do not believe that the reading of the tarot is a method of divining the future. I don’t believe that it is possible to tell the future. There are infinite potential possibilities for each second of future occurrences. A lot of this belief derives from quantum mechanics which states (this  is a supreme paraphrase derived from memory) that although it is possible to establish the exact location of one atom at a particular millisecond, the very observation of that atom changes its direction and thus the direction of every other atom. Therefore, telling the future is impossible.

So that is what I do not believe about the tarot. On to what I do believe. I believe that reading of the tarot can give a person insight into their subconscious. It can help to make decisions by showing a person how they are truly feeling. The same thing can be obtained (in a simpler form) from a coin toss. By that I mean, when tossing a coin to make a decision, in the split second after the coin lands on either heads or tails, the tosser knows how they truly feel; either they are happy or sad about the outcome, and this reveals the true subconscious feeling on the subject. Of course, further thought may confuse this basic instinct and return the querent (to use the tarot term) to the former state of indecision, but in that first moment, all is revealed. I believe it is the same with the tarot in a more complex form.

I also am unconvinced at the utility of having another person read the tarot for the querent. Of course, it is worth noting that I have never had the cards read for me or read them for another person, but, based on the beliefs mentioned above, I am not certain that it would be as useful. The whole point of the tarot for me is to gain greater understanding of how I am feeling about a given situation at the time of the reading. It is not so much which cards appear as how I interpret them. Another person would naturally interpret them differently based on their own subconscious. Like ink blots. For me, the utility and lure of the tarot is based on their ability to make me consider my deeper inclinations, particularly in decision making.

As mentioned at the beginning, I have just begun my journey into understanding the tarot cards. I have found them fascinating for a long time, and as I study them more, I become even more enamored of their potential for enlightenment.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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