I am not beautiful, smart, funny, or caring

I have noticed that when men (and women, too) talk about the person they are interested in romantically, they tend to describe them the same way: beautiful, smart, funny, caring. I always felt these descriptions were cheap at best, and worthless at worst. They tell you nothing of the person. I don’t want to be described that way. When I meet the man (or woman) I will spend my life with, I want them to say:

“She has these beautiful curls that just caress her face when she moves. And her smile… It makes me feel like there is no one else in the room at all. It’s just for me. The same as the look in her eyes; they would be beautiful eyes on any woman, but for her, there’s so much expression. So much interest in the world. It’s like she can see everything.”

“She’s read most of the works of Shakespeare, including the sonnets. She knows basic math. She has read about various world religions and philosophies. She is bilingual, and I love it when she whispers French nothings in my ear. She has a degree in a field she is passionate about. She knows the difference between being intelligent and being smart. Even better, she is both.”

“She once made me spew coke out of my nose with a terrible pun. Her wit is so dry that I need a humidifier when she gets on a roll. She constantly surprises me with her humorous insights. She should not be a stand-up comedian, but I love it when she is my comedian.”

“She once spent thirty minutes catching a cricket so she could release it unharmed outside. She hates The Notebook, but I have witnessed her on the phone for three hours with a friend who had just been dumped. It took so long for her to let me get close enough to love her, but once I did, my pains became her pains, my cares her cares. She understands the true meaning of the word unconditional.”

I am not beautiful, smart, funny, or caring because I am so much more than that. All I want is the person who will see that, too. Don’t be lazy with your love, guys. That’s how it gets away from you.

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