Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 3, Never Leave an Extrovert Alone

It is 1h30 et I am a little bit tipsy. My roommate went to stay with his parents and drop off his reptiles (a ball python and bearded dragon) because our new apartment doesn’t allow reptiles. This is a strange rule because it’s not like we just let them roam around, and contrary to popular belief, those things don’t just escape. Still, I’m kind of glad because holy crap our electric bill is going to be so much lower without those heat bulbs on all day.

Anyway, I ordered a pizza (something I never do) and settled in with some Skyrim and seasonal beer because all of my friends are busy or live nowhere near me. I also had two movies rented (12 Years a Slave and Divergent), but I kind of hate watching movies alone.

I am an extrovert. This has become more pronounced since being dumped a month ago by what I thought was one of my soul mates (I believe in the theory of there being multiple des âme soeurs for each person, more on that in another post). It’s not that I dislike being alone; I still need personal time to do homework, blog, and generally be a person without other people watching me. Yet, I am a people person. I like to have people around me. I do not enjoy spending an entire evening alone. After a certain amount of pizza and beer (I don’t care how fancy the beer is) I need someone else to talk to. And I have lost the knack of going to bars alone.

In fact, the person I’m talking to doesn’t even have to be physically present. They could be talking to me via text or messenger. As long as there is communication, I am okay. But apparently everyone is busy at 18h30, which is when my evening began.

Luckily, I was rescued by a beautiful human being who lives across and down from my apartment. He has been a wonderful friend over the past month, and tonight, we watched all of 12 Years a Slave, and most of Divergent (the disc skipped like a third of the movie, so I still don’t know how it ends). Also, he brought me a plastic baggie of chili in return for some cold pizza. Oh, and my order was wrong. Sausage is definitely NOT pepperoni, Domino’s, and I do not appreciate you editorializing my pizza choices. Anyway, the night turned out okay thanks to the intervention of my lovely voisin.

Moral of the story: bad things can happen if you leave your extrovert alone for too long. It’s kind of a Gremlins thing. So if your roommate is a major extrovert, be sure to have a handsome neighbor nearby to keep them company. À bientôt!

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