Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 10, Eating Out Alone

Tonight after work, I wanted to go out. I kind of wanted to do a club, but both of the people I would have considered going to a club with were either a) busy, or b) not in the mood. Both are understandable, but I was going stir-crazy within an hour of getting home, especially as I had taken the trouble of getting dolled up. I had an idea: a couple of nights ago, I wrote a post mentioning that I am perfectly capable of going places by myself. So, I decided to test this theory.

I was feeling sushi, but I didn’t really want to go to my favorite sushi place because… Well, memories and stuff. So, I googled “eating out alone” and found some tips. The best one was: eat at the bar. Alors, I needed a place with a bar that was not itself a bar because, hey, one step at a time. I also wanted some place that I already knew I liked and that wasn’t too terribly expensive.

I ended up at Louie’s. It’s this great little sports bar/restaurant. I had been there several times, but never alone. I almost turned back before reaching the doors, but I made it inside and turned to the right towards the small bar area. There were approximately ten seats at the bar. There were five people already seated. As luck would have it, none of them were sitting next to each other so every available seat was either between two people or on the end. I decided to sit at the end next to a guy who looked a bit older than me, though not much. I ordered a beer, then I ordered my food, and I tried not to feel supremely awkward staring at a basketball game on the tv across from me without actually paying attention to it. “This is a bad idea” kept running through my head. “Why did I do this?” was another favorite mantra. But, halfway through my southwest wrap, the guy next to me asked what there was to do in our town. Apparently he just moved here.

To shorten a lengthy missive, I made a new friend this evening. Well, perhaps it is premature to call him a friend, but acquaintance that I would like to know further is certainly true. I like this whole branching out thing. Maybe next time I’ll even go some place I’ve never been before. Jinkies!

Random Photo:

Something, Something, picture I took moving to Long Island, something

Something, Something, picture I took moving to Long Island, something

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