Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 11, 20-something Poetry

When I can’t think of anything else, there’s always an impromptu poem that appears

A childlike heart full of childish taste,
How have I made it so far, so near?
Experience, emotion, empathy, engaged
And not yet quite 23…

Where to go tomorrow is more important
Than where I’m going today
In the minds of myself and my peers
The present may be gift-wrapped in silver satin ribbon
But my heart longs for gold-plated mystery
Or worse, rose-dusted history,
And living in the moment is a dream deferred.

This is 20-something, this is me
This is living in the millenial age
I know what I want each night and each day
Yet it changes de temps en temps
But I don’t need to know it all
I can decide tomorrow
I can wait for the future to come
I’m only 22 after all

And yet, and yet, and however,
23 approaches before long

Random photo: I bought a multi-colored lava lamp. Because I am still a child at heart. My bedroom looks like a rainbow threw up all over it after a martini binge.


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