Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 13, Anime Life

So I spent most of this evening watching Fairy Tail with my roommate. Before he got home, I watched a few episodes of Black Butler. Over the past year, I have developed a great appreciation for anime. I love the artwork, and the stories. I can recognize some prominent voice actors/actresses in the English-dubbed versions.

When my ex broke up with me, I binge-watched season one of Vampire Knight. I had watched it my freshman year of college, but for some reason, I came back to it that night. So much beauty and heartbreak, yet so dramatic and unrealistic. It was exactly the distraction I needed from my own pain. My ex and I used to watch anime together. He was the reason I saw all 200+ episodes of Dragonball Z and the newest movie, despite never watching the show as a kid. We discovered Attack on Titan together, and he introduced me to Samurai Champloo, and to my favorite anime, Soul Eater. I even cosplayed one of the characters (Tsubaki) for Halloween this year. And we watched Kenichi, The Mightiest Disciple, which has another character (Kisara) whom I would love to cosplay. My ex didn’t give me much, but at least he helped nurture a love of anime, which has led to a friendship that I am very glad to have now. (You know who you are, cosplay buddy).

Since the breakup, my roommate and I have watched My Bride is a Mermaid, High School of the Dead, and others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. He used it as a way to distract me, I think. And it worked. Anime is something we share, and he helped me realize rather quickly that although I began watching anime with my ex, that guy wasn’t the only person I could enjoy it with.

The first anime I remember watching was Tenjho Tenge, back in high school on Fuse. I loved the action and the character interaction. I hated how it ended with nothing resolved, but I am starting to realize that is kind of a running theme for most anime. The end really isn’t that important. It’s the journey. I met someone recently who told me they liked anime, except for the filler episodes. I only realized it later, but “filler” is a matter of perspective. Sure an episode may not be important to the core concept of the show, but it is still something that happens to and shapes the characters. I think I love anime so much because unlike many American shows, it is often truly character driven. Popular English-language programs like to tie together as many plot elements as possible; never waste an episode on trivial matters or funny business. But where’s the fun in that? Life isn’t a series of chronological events wrapped in a neat package; it’s a bunch of random occurrences with no relation to one another that keep things interesting.

I think I just got way to deep about this whole thing. Good night.

Random(ish) Photo: Tsubaki cosplay, Oct. 2014

First cosplay: Soul Eater's Tsubaki. Now, where's my Black Star?

First cosplay: Soul Eater’s Tsubaki. Now, where’s my Black Star?

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