Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 14, My Love/Hate Relationship with Holidays

I may have mentioned before, I work in retail. Therefore, holidays are not my friend. They are not the happy family time that most people supposedly have. I say supposedly because that assumption is really just based on the Hallmark channel. Anywho, I dislike holidays because they are busy busy busy, but I also love them.

I love Christmas music. Except the pop-y crap they play at my store. I like the classics. I love singing carols. I love shopping for presents for people. At least, I used to. Now I’m in a crowded store working all day, so I don’t want to stay in crowded stores shopping, too. And herein lies the problem, things I once loved are turned to poisonous drivel by being constantly inundated with them.

Of course, there’s nothing novel about this. Google anything related to “working retail holidays” and hundreds of memes and BuzzFeed articles will pop up (probably. I’m not actually going to check because I don’t need to be depressed right now). But I also love/hate holidays for another reason. My friends. I like my friends; I love hanging out with my friends. I like my family; seeing them is nice. But when I can’t spend time with my family due to work or whatever, but all of my friends have gone home for the holiday… Well, that stinks. Hence this post. I am currently sitting at home alone. Everybody went home for Thanksgiving. I will be going to visit my grandparents for lunch tomorrow before coming back to work (stop Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving, please and thank you). But tonight, I am alone. My roommate even took the cat with him. And I can’t even use this as an excuse to meet the neighbors because our parking lot is virtually empty.

So now my options are: karaoke with guitar hero, dance around the apartment in the buff, knit banana hammocks, or watch New Girl for hours. Honestly, they all sound good.

Random Photo:

Happy wasabi

Happy wasabi

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