Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 15, Dancing On My Own

So last night, after I wrote the post for Day 14, I ended up watching New Girl for a while. I was on the episode in season two where the guys leave Jess alone in the loft because they are trying to pick up chicks and she is a cooler. So she plays dress up because she’s bored out of her mind. This inspired me (who had previously spent at least 30 minutes walking around the living room talking in various awful foreign accents) to play dress up, too. Basically, I pulled my senior prom dress out of the plastic bag it has lived in for the past 4.5 years, put on a pair of four-inch heels, and suddenly had an intense desire to learn how to waltz.

I have always been fascinated by ballroom dancing. While at Stony Brook University, I attended a few beginner classes provided by the ballroom dance club on campus. I was terrible and became discouraged very quickly. I wish now that I had stuck it out a bit longer. I think I could have gotten the hang of it. In my pre-legal-drinking-age years, I often gave up on things, usually out of fear of failure. I finally stopped doing that when circumstances brought me back to Oklahoma. At least, I have made much more of an effort to not do that. Just because something is scary does not mean it should be avoided. On the contrary, I am beginning to think that scary things are the most worthwhile.

So, last night, I spent a good hour learning the basic box step and subsequently twirling around my dining room to the Masquerade Waltz. My technique was probably way off, and I would have stepped on a partner’s feet multiple times. But that was the beauty of it; I didn’t have a partner, so there was no one to step on, and I didn’t have to try to let someone lead me, which has often been a huge problem with my past forays into dancing. I just had to worry about me and how I felt moving to the music in those 1-2-3, 1-2-3 circles.

Next up: Tango?

Random Photo: #TBT Senior prom, I miss that hair.

The dress I learned to waltz in

The dress I learned to waltz in (totally not made for it, but whatever)

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