Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 17, Can I Get a Gentleman, Please?

So I have this friend who is really amazing. He would be an awesome boyfriend for somebody. That somebody is not me, but I like that he has restored my faith in traditional dating. Sort of.

See, he’s the kind of guy who asks a girl out for dinner or some other specific activity. I want that. He does creative and romantic things. Yes please. He genuinely cares about what she thinks and he doesn’t try to jump from point A to point D. And by D, I mean dick. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Where is my traditional date? I did have one gent take me to dinner last week. It was nice. Ultimately we weren’t really compatible, but it was a lovely change of pace from the guys I have been meeting who want me to come over and watch Netflix so they can try to score. No thanks. What’s worse is that they try this and then wonder why I have zero interest in seeing them again. I want somebody to make an effort to impress me. For way too long I’ve been content with less than I really want and probably deserve. No more! You want my time? Earn it.

Of course this probably means I’ll be spending a lot of evenings dateless, but who really needs a date when there’s nearly always a friend who wants to hang out instead. Friends ftw.

Random Photo: my roommate’s cat, Sir Ian Mckellan


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