20 Something: Girls’ Night; or I Love Dancing

So tonight I finally got my girls’ night out. I have been wanting this event for a couple of months now. It was as spectacular as I had hoped (though moderately marred by memory, as will be explained). There were four of us: my friend since senior year of high school (5 years and counting), her friend (whom I’ve met on two other occasions), and her friend’s friend (whom I met this past Halloween). I didn’t bother dressing up, pretty much just wore my work clothes and touched up my makeup.

We met up at Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. I had been invited to the meal as I was paying for my food at Panda Express, so I opted for Sam Adam’s Winter Lager (my current favorite brew) and dessert, a divine caramel apple something or other that I probably never would have eaten normally because I don’t particularly like cooked fruit. However, the picture on the dessert menu called out to me, and I had to answer. I got to know the friend’s friend (FF) over dinner because the other two were gossiping. For shame, ladies. Tsk tsk. She seems like a wonderful person, and I’d love to get to know her better. I’d also possibly like to set her up with my roommate, but that plan needs time to ferment. Basically, I ate way too much food.

The next (and really final) stop was Graham’s Central Station in OKC. I was extremely skeptical when they told me about this place. Part country bar, part pop-y club. What? The cover was low, so that was awesome. Drinks weren’t badly priced, either. I had 3 beers while there and only spent $9. Compared to some places I’ve been, that’s awesome! We scored a great table near the dance floor. And by we, I mean “I” because I kind of led everyone places. My alpha-female instincts (and desire not to awkwardly stand in one place for long) will not be denied. We people watched, and at first I was mildly uncomfortable because I don’t really do that. I like to either talk to people or stay out of their business. However, with that great a view of the dance floor, it was difficult not to notice some interesting things. Like the lady with the paper fan dancing alone in the middle of the floor like all night.

Initially, I had zero desire to dance. The last time I two-stepped was at a place in Lawton with my former fiancé and his brother. Graham’s was already bringing up some memories (not altogether painful, but not entirely pleasant), and I did not want to exacerbate that. But then Santa came up and asked us each to dance. F and FF both said yes. My friend declined. I tried to say no, but I was persuaded, and Santa re-taught me the basic two step. I keep calling him Santa because that’s who he looked like, but in a white button up and jeans.

After that, we ogled some guys dancing with the fan lady. They seemed funny and charming, but none of us approached them because the three girls with me were all shy and reserved as snow cones, and my natural warmth had been sucked away. It took a while for that natural exuberance and need to be noticed to resurface, and by the time it did, the boys were nowhere to be found. So, to the Chris Pratt look-alike, if you ever happen to read this, I’m sure that you didn’t notice me sitting off to the side with three other girls, but I was the one with the mega curls and the black lace tank top. And you seemed fun. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to speak.

Though, to be fair, the music was so damn loud that speaking was nearly impossible anyway. It’s been nearly an hour since we left and my hearing still sucks.

Anyway, we tried out the club-y side for a moment, but opted to return to the country part of the bar. Our table had been appropriated by another party, so we found an empty space at the dance floor rail. When the DJ played Turn Down for What, I (quite literally) pushed my friend onto the dance floor with me. I. Love. Dancing. Anyway, after that, a nice man with a magnificient reddish beard asked me to dance on the next fast country song. That seemed oddly specific, but I accepted. So, on the next such tune, he spun me around the floor. Again, quite literally, despite my protests that I had no idea what I was doing. He was really good at leading though, so I think I did rather well. When the song ended, he said “See, you just learned how to two-step AND swing.”

A bit after that, we scooted around to our original side of the floor where some bar stools had opened up by the rail. Another gent asked me to dance. He wasn’t quite as good at leading, and since I was still new at this, it didn’t go quite as well. He did flip me, though. It happened so fast that I had to have my girls verify that it did in fact happen. That was interesting. I sat for another song and then another guy came up and asked me if I was good at dancing. I said I was becoming fairly decent at it. Then, he introduced me to his friend who wanted to dance with me but was too shy to ask. Sigh. So, I led him out on the dance floor, and I led him around the floor. I’m sure we looked ridiculous, but whatever. It was still kind of fun.

I danced a couple of steps with one other guy before the DJ started playing Copperhead Row. I now know that line dance. Yay! Then, I tried to get my friend to join me in relearning how to “wobble.” She declined despite my pouty face, so I did it on my own. At this point, I had finished my third beer, the charming boys mentioned earlier had vanished, and no one else was drinking anymore, so I suggested an end to a fascinating evening.

Then, of course, my friend (who had driven the two of us) and I got lost on our way home. Faulty GPS, my singing to Ed Sheeran, and a lack of familiarity with the area were largely to blame. We ended up in a shady part of downtown OKC where we found a horse standing tied to a post and covered with a blanket. In hindsight, it was probably one of the horses used to pull carriages in Bricktown, but at the time, it was a wonderfully novel thing. A highlight of the evening in fact. We did finally make it back to my place where I am typing this now.

There is talk of going to a gay club next weekend. Can’t wait 🙂

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