Adventures in Decorating: Christmas!!

So today I finally got around to putting up the Christmas tree. I made myself some pancakes with nutmeg, coffee with peppermint, and found a youtube video with classic Christmas songs to sing along to. The tree was easy enough. It’s pre-lighted, so the whole thing, including putting on the ornaments, only took about 20 minutes. It was nice, though different from last year when I had help putting things up. Somehow, it really didn’t bother me that I was by myself.

The part I wished I had help for was putting up the Christmas lights. There isn’t really a convenient way to do it outside our apartment as there is no outdoor plug-in, so I decided instead to use the blue icicle lights from my grandparents to make the living room even prettier. I now have a blister on my thumb from the pushpins, I fell off the stool three times, and I bloodied my knee hopping off the end table by the tv stand when my ninja skills failed me. It looks good, though. I’m just glad none of our friends have epilepsy because 5 of the 6 strands of lights blink haphazardly. I have three different types of blue lights around the room, but it’s nice. it kind of matches my personality, I think. Eclectic.

Either tomorrow or Friday, I’ll be making Christmas-shaped snickerdoodles, Christmas-y cupcakes with green icing and sprinkles, and eggnog. I already made one batch of homemade eggnog the other day. It was delicious. I may have added a bit too much Bacardi Oakheart. It was dangerously tasty stuff.

I really love Christmas; this is despite working in retail where the holidays are the most stressful time of the year and where I’m forced to listen to crappy pop versions of my favorite songs day after day. I love winter. I love carols. I love eggnog and lights and Christmas movies. O Holy snowman, Christmas movies. I especially adore the old stop motion/claymation films like The Year Without a Santa Clause, Rudolph, and The Island of Misfit Toys. I just wish my friends loved it all as much as I do so I could stop feeling like a crazy person.

The finished product, including the stocking I knit myself last year

The finished product, including the stocking I knit myself last year

One thought on “Adventures in Decorating: Christmas!!

  1. adnovotny2304 says:

    Yum, snickerdoodles, lol….the decorations look great….can’t put our stuff out bcuz the dog would destroy it, but oh well….some of it’s old stuff we made in school as kids that mom kept….some falling apart & should be tossed but she won’t…anywho, see ya @ Mimi’s for Christmas!


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