20 something: One of the Boys

snickerdoodles, spice cake cupcakes with green icing, and chocolate peppermint cookies

snickerdoodles, spice cake cupcakes with green icing, and chocolate peppermint cookies

Last night, my roommate and I hosted a small post-finals/Christmas shindig. I think there was a grand total of nine people here at one point. I made cupcakes, two types of cookies, and eggnog. Well, technically a friend of mine who came over early made the eggnog for me while I was baking. The group didn’t completely coalesce until about 1:00am because a few of the invitees had to work late. Before they arrived, I hung out with 3 (and then 4) guys hellbent on getting intoxicated as quickly as possible.

It was in the midst of this, while playing Guitar Hero and then watching a couple of them play Chess, that I realized I am one of the boys now. I don’t know how this happened exactly.

When I was younger, I always thought that would be the coolest thing. Girls like that in movies and shows always seemed so much more interesting and amazing than the girlfriends of their friends. I can’t say where exactly this idea came from for me. I tend to develop philosophies and whatnot after lots of conscious and subconscious gathering of information, but once a conclusion is reached, I generally forget the supporting details. Naturally, this is terrible for persuasion of my obvious accuracy in most situations, but I digress. However I reached this conclusion that it would be super awesome to be one of the guys while still being a girl, it never happened.

I’ve always had a pretty even mix of female and male friends, or even had a much more female heavy list of friends. By the time I started dating my most recent ex, my list of close friends that I actually hang out with had shrunk to a handful. He added several new guys to that list, but after the breakup, he didn’t take them back with him. I kept the roommate, and the roommate kept the other friends; most of them male.

I didn’t think about this until last night. I’m surrounded by females at work, and one of the people I’ve been spending a lot of time with outside of work is a girl. But for bigger get-togethers like last night, the guest list is always male heavy. I don’t mind, though. I do kind of like being one of the guys sometimes. My acceptance of fart jokes is still more tolerance than actual appreciation, but at least my dudes don’t talk about sports much because they all care more about music anyway.

I do wonder if this transition to having more male than female friends has led to my recent fascination with makeup and looking pretty in general. I’ve never been extremely girly, but lately it’s like I need to play up that small side of myself. I may fit in with the boys, but I’m not restricted to being exactly like them.

On a related note, I went to bed around 4:30, but the two guys crashing on our futon were still up. I woke up to this in the living room this morning:

The drunken elves left me a present: the contents of my own cabinets and countertops.

The drunken elves left me a present: the contents of my own cabinets and countertops.

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