20 Something: Well that was flattering

I had a first at work tonight. I was in the process of putting some toddler toys on a cart at the back of the store to move to the front display. It’s one of the many glamorous and fascinating tasks I handle from week to week. Next week I’ll probably get to move them to the back again. Yay! But I digress. That wasn’t the first. I’ve done it before, and I will do it again.

No, the first was having a guy ask for my number at work. If that surprises anyone, I’m flattered. Now, I have been told that I’m beautiful before. It was very unexpected, too. But that guy left after the compliment without requesting my digits. This guy opened the conversation by asking if I was married. Not was I single. Was I married? I found it an interesting word choice.

I did not give him my number. I sort of fumbled through some conversation, and I may have been blushing at some point (or the whole time), but honestly, I was just thinking that I really needed to get those toys moved so I could keep putting out the rest of my freight. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, and he was actually pretty charming. Not my type, but that’s not really why I declined. I was at work! My epic work ethic was thrown into utter confusion. Personal business does not belong at work.

At the same time, where else am I supposed to meet people? The bar? Please. For some reason, meeting a guy at a bar or a club means that you don’t want a real relationship, which unfortunately for me, is exactly what I want. My friends are being zero help at introducing me to their friends to fall in love with (not that I blame them really; that crap can get messy). So how does any of this nonsense really work? Is traditional dating dead? Maybe I should stop reading Gone With the Wind because it’s giving me unrealistic expectations.

Still, I did have a self-satisfied inner smile for the rest of the work day. I may be a bit vain. My ego is undeniably large. But then, I’m a writer, so I think that is a necessary attribute.

Now, a glass of cheap Chardonnay and knitting while watching some fashion competition reality TV because my roommate still hasn’t cancelled the cable for some reason. Quiet night in for the win!

Random photo: This is the church where my grandparents got married. I saw it when I was 16 on a month-long roadtrip up the east coast with them.

Watertown, NY

Watertown, NY

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