20 Something: Finding Time for Hobbies (Never Really too Busy)

I finally found the motivation to get back into yoga today. Of course, one 45 minute yoga session does not necessarily qualify as getting back into the habit, but hopefully I can use this as momentum to get the ball rolling again. Life is about to get hectic, so I’d like to have something to keep me calm and grounded. A little slice of my day where I’m able to escape the constant running around. Lately, the only one of my four main hobbies that I’ve really made time for is knitting, and even that has been sporadic at best.

I’ve gotten so used to making excuses for why I can’t devote more energy to the things I love doing. The primary excuse, naturally, is that I don’t have the time. To prove myself wrong on this, I approximated how much spare time I have each day. Of course, this is not including school, so things will change next week, but without classes, on a normal workday, I spend:

  • 8 hours working
  • 1 hour commuting (I budget about 30 min each direction in case of traffic)
  • 30 min-1 hour getting ready for work
  • 4-8 hours sleeping

So, adding this up using the higher numbers for the sake of simplicity, I have 6 hours each day unaccounted for. I could claim to use another hour or two of that for eating, I suppose. So on the outside, that gives me 4 hours that I somehow squander. Some of that goes towards Netflix, but a lot of it probably ends with me lying in bed wondering what to do and saying that I’m bored.

I don’t want to waste my time like this anymore. Sure super chill downtime is important and occasionally my friends will be available to hang out, as well. But ultimately there’s no reason that I can’t get back into doing yoga everyday, and I should be able to finish the hoodie I’m knitting in no time if I could just knuckle down and do it. I’m 600 pages into reading Gone With the Wind (this is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve read it), and surely I can take a few minutes each day to knock out a blog post since it seems to be the only type of writing I’m motivated to do lately.

Fingers crossed that my classes don’t leave me too bogged down to keep up this motivation!

Random photo: WIP hoodie with braid cable on the sleeves. Pattern is Holla Hoodie found on Ravelry.


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