20 Something: Lines, Lines, and more Lines

Well, I’m back on campus finally. I’ve sort of been dreading going back. But now that the first day for two of my classes is out of the way, I’m a little excited again.

Unfortunately, there is some business that I have to take care of related to a scholarship. Doing anything related to coursework or financial aid takes foreeeeever. Because everyone else is doing it too. There are easily 15 other people waiting here. 45 minute wait. Maybe there’s someone I could just email?

Oh well, I’m already here. I like the bustle of campus. I sometimes miss living in a dorm, being at the center of everything. Then I remember that my apartment is awesome and there is nothing quite like having a bathroom all to yourself. It was a good time though. I think everyone should live in the dorms, at least for a semester. It really teaches you how to get along with anyone. Also: networking. Very important skill to cultivate. Too bad I learned that one so late in the game.

There are just two more first day classes to get through. They’re both creative writing courses so I’m sure a lot of the homework will find its way here over the next few months. I’m feeling pretty good about this semester.

Random photo: My bday present from my wonderful aunt. That’s enough yarn to make a couple more sweaters! Or a blanket!


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