That College Dream: Talking to Myself

So for my Magazine Writing class, I (for reasons known only to that little voice in my head that makes me do weirdly heroic things) volunteered to be the person to do a presentation on our first reading assignment for the next class period. We’re reading some movie reviews from Anthony Lane’s Nobody’s Perfect. The reviews were on Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Rushmore, Braveheart, and Pearl Harbor. While working on this, I decided that to practice for presenting, I should just record myself doing that nonsense without any real planning other than a handful of general notes beside me. The results are… Well, just watch the video if you have six minutes and want to see me gesturing wildly while making strange faces. Otherwise, just know that I still love you; even if you lack the loyalty to see me gesturing wildly while making strange faces. Because I do not have the WordPress premium plan, here’s the youtube link to the video.

Video of me talking about the presentation.

P.S. After watching through the video to garner notes on myself, I now see (at least marginally) why so many have compared me to Ellen Page over the years. Very similar voice patterns.

P.P.S. I apologize in advance for the awful backlighting. I did not originally intend to share this with anyone.

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