20 Something: Best Date Night in a Long Time (Possibly Ever)

Spontaneous dates are the best. The ones you aren’t even aware are dates until the romance is suffusing the room with a light scent of cherries. That could also be the rosé, I suppose.

The evening begins as a simple dinner engagement at my apartment. My roommate is unexpectedly away. The menu is: a light repast of al dente Vermicelli pasta with a sauce of fresh Roma tomatoes infused with Cajun spices, completed by an inexpensive rosé concoction of Merlot and Chardonnay.

But what is a quiet night in without music? Frank Sinatra and Pandora rise to the occasion with a variety of soft melodies and crooning vocals expounding the virtues of love. I end up dancing around the kitchen and adjoining dining room, giving myself over to the music and the company. I feel stunning and classy, despite my barefoot jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt ensemble. I nearly forget that I am cooking dinner. Perhaps the pasta is not as al dente as intended, but then, I like things a bit mushy.

The music and food move to the bedroom as I have no dining room table. I am content with amiable silence, so there is no conversation to distract from the meal. Sinatra continues to grace me with his charming chansons. I begin to monologue in French–consumed by the feeling of the night, which can only be expressed appropriately in la langue de l’amour.

Ensuite, a brief sojourn into the crisp evening is required to search for stars. Alas, it is in vain as the sky is opaque with a layer of steely clouds bouncing back light from the abundant streetlamps. I believe I glimpse the pale shine of the moon behind them, but I can’t be sure.

Back in the warmth of the apartment, more dancing ensues. I am falling as I twirl. The rosé and high temperature of the thermostat warm my cheeks. I catch fleeting images of myself in the mirror. I really do look fantastic this evening.

The night is going so much better, so much more exciting, than expected. I sink onto the bed and I think that I might even get lucky tonight.

Date night with myself really is the best.

I didn’t just wine and dine myself this evening. I also got some knitting done!

Red hoodie! Still not complete, there's a border I need to knit. Also a pocket, probably

Red hoodie! Still not complete, there’s a border I need to knit. Also a pocket, probably

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