Road Trip Montréal: Planning Stage 1

So, a few nights ago I decided that it is necessary to take a trip. I googled plane tickets to Paris, nearly had a heart attack, and then looked up Marseilles prices instead. Still unable to justify using nearly three months rent for a one week trip, I decided that Canada sounded lovely. Tickets to and hotel in Montréal are far more reasonable that Europe.

This morphed (as many of my plans do) into thinking that although approximately $500 for a round-trip ticket doesn’t sound completely awful, a road trip would be way more economically sound! Of course, I then had to figure out when would be the best time to visit Montréal. Turns out there’s a beer festival June 10-June 14: Festival Mondial de la Bière. Although I generally prefer wine, I am so there! For one thing, the Palais des Congrès is an absolutely beautiful building according to the Google Images.

Now, Montréal is a good 22-23 hour drive (Without stops. Thank you, Google Maps) and I would hate to drive for over 24 hours and spend my first day in Canada completed exhausted, so I thought, why not make it a real road trip? Two-three days of travel, camping overnight to save dough, and in the spirit of beer fest, stopping at a vineyard each day there and back. I’ve even picked out my first stop: The Rosati Winery Museum, which includes the opportunity to taste wines from all over Missouri. It’s about five and a half hours from my starting point in Edmond, OK.

Of course, I’m still in the planning stages (hence the post title) so I haven’t decided on the other stopping points, or campgrounds, or hotel in Montréal, yet. There’s still some time after all. I do know that the trip probably won’t be more than 7-9 days: 2-3 days both ways, and at least 3 days in Montréal itself. Good thing I’ve been brushing up my French all semester, and even better, my passport is still good!

And to the family who will probably read this: I have been reading up on safety tips for traveling alone over great distances, and yes, I will keep in constant touch. Please don’t bombard me with queries as to my sanity. I assure you, I am as in my right mind as I ever get. And I am so excited!

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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