Road Trip Update: Change of Venue

There has been a change of plans. I am still taking a road trip in June, but now, I’m going to New York. Sorry, Montréal; I’ll have to catch you on the next vacation.

It’s been three years since I visited NYC. I had intended to visit the festival mondiale de la bière, but as luck would have it, PUi, a band I first encountered at Rock Yo Face Case at Stony Brook University back in 2010 (possibly 2011?), is playing their last show at Terminal 5. I haven’t been to a PUi show since I transferred back to Oklahoma three years ago, so naturally, I can’t pass up the opportunity to see them again.

I thought about trying to hit both the festival and the show, but I don’t want to stretch myself too thin on my first vacation in nearly a year. Besides, it’s also perfect timing to see a couple of my old roomies from Stony.

I’m so terribly excited!

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