20 Something: power outage update

As it turns out, 23 year olds don’t have everything figured out, and sometimes we even jump to conclusions and cast blame unjustly. Case in point: my power is back on, and the outage was in no way OG&E’s fault. Actually I’m now uncertain if that even is the electric company we have because my roommate kept saying he talked to OCE.

I generally try to be well-informed before I post things online in order to avoid embarrassment like this. My first thought when roomie told me the news was “Fudgesicles, I need to delete that post.” However, I’m trying to use this as a character building moment, so instead of deleting it and trying to pretend it never happened, I’m making this post admitting that I was wrong.

As it turns out, I actually still have no real idea what happened, but apparently the maintenance people at my apartment fixed it so either an animal messed things up or they did. And there I go again, laying blame without knowing if it’s true. I obviously still need some work on that, but I am trying here.

Anyway, I now have power again. I’m still pissed about all the spoiled food that I have to clean out of my fridge, but I keep telling myself that it could have been worse.

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