20 Something: Living Alone for the First Time

Today I completely moved into my new apartment. I have never lived entirely by myself before. My first two years of college I lived in the dorms. Then, I moved back in with my grandparents before moving in with my boyfriend and his roommate, and then I lived with just the roommate.

But no more! Now, I have 450 sq. ft. all to myself. Granted there is virtually zero built-in storage, which I previously did not realize was important. I’m really missing my walk-in closet from my last place. However, it actually feels really spacious even with several empty boxes still cluttering the dining room area.

And, I have a balcony with a killer sunset view. I’m on the very edge of the complex, so there’s nothing but open land and a busy intersection outside my windows. The view is mostly grass and restaurants, but then, there’s the sky. I’m on the northern edge of my city, so the sky just goes on and on.

I’m a little nervous about living here. Being on my own. Not knowing anyone around me. Well, I met my neighbor Bob when I moved in. He seems genial. But despite my reservations, I feel like I’m finally taking that last step toward being a full-fledged adult. Well, next to last step. Still gotta find that job with regular hours and leading towards my field. But the point is, it feels like things are starting to come together.

I don’t have a pic of the great view yet, so here’s a bookshelf. Like 1/4 of my boxes for moving were full of books. I now have two shelves, and it still isn’t enough.


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