20 Something: Unforeseen Perils of Hunting the Ever Elusive Wild Job

So, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am currently job hunting. I have a full-time job (complete with all those grown-up benefits) but I’m ready to try something other than retail now that I have my Bachelor’s degree. After nearly three months of searching (and only three interviews, with no offers) I am getting frustrated. But, I am determined to persevere despite the apparently terrible job market in Oklahoma.

That said, it really winds my cogs in the same direction when I receive emails like this:

I hope all is well. My name is M******- I’m the staffing manager here at E******* T*******. I’ve reviewed your experience, and you may be a good fit as an admin at our front desk. Everything looks good, however I will need you to send me your resume in sequential format (required for new hires). Please re-send me your resume in the correct format, along with the first date you can begin so we can move forward.

If you are unfamiliar with sequential formatting, I’d recommend finding a template, or a quick resume builder online (I know ExecutiveFormats.com or ResumeEdge should support the format).

Please email me if you have any questions.

M******* A. S******
Staffing Coordinator
E********* T***********

Sounds pretty good, right? The subject line even had the position (Administrative Assistant) and the pay rate ($15/hr). Just what I have been looking for (actually higher pay rate than I’m expecting when I find something). I have a few problems with this, though.

The email seems very professional and to the point, but it arrived in my inbox at 12:30 in the morning. A professional media company in Oklahoma that sends out HR emails just after midnight? Weird, but maybe a tech glitch, I thought to myself.

So I googled the company. It does appear to exist, but not in Oklahoma. The company (including the same tagline, which I omitted from the quoted email) is located in Portland, OR. Now, the website does say the company has offices throughout the US and some other countries, but I could find no mention of an office in Oklahoma. Still, it seems like a legitimate company, so I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt. Hell, Google doesn’t know there’s a 7/11 on the corner across from my apartment, but I know it’s there. So I know the search engine isn’t infallible.

Of course then there was the resume format request. It seems weird, but I thought, eh what the heck, maybe it’s personal preference? The problem here is that I was pretty sure my resume was already in sequential format, and another quick search (I have a Google addiction) revealed that I do know the meaning of the word sequential and how it relates to resumes, though admittedly there seems to be an incredible amount of debate over what that resume should actually look like.

More troubling though were a couple of the first links that popped up for this search. First up was the subreddit /r/jobs: Craigslist Scam Alert: Request for Bogus Resume Format. And then on Yahoo Answers: Job Resume in Sequential Format? Now, normally I wouldn’t use Reddit or Yahoo answers as face-value legitimate sources of information, but given my already growing doubts on the matter, I have to admit, this looks like a total scam. In case you didn’t care to click the links, the Reddit sample letter is identical to the one I received. And more than one person mentioned the same resume websites, which both charge out the wazoo for something that you can obtain advice on creating for free everywhere.

Also, small detail but I find it important, there was no phone number. Everyone lists a phone number on their professional emails! Ok, that’s being a bit general and maybe too absolute, but I’ve received a lot of professional to semi-professional email related to job searching recently, and having looked back through them, every single one has a phone number.

Most damning of course is that I don’t actually know what application that email was in relation to, so it had to be something on Craigslist. Go figure.

Well there goes another bubble bursting over my head. I’m soaked through from all this nonsense. I guess it’s back to ye olde job board. At least the sky gave me some love last night:

Floating to the north of my lodgings: a wispy heart.

Floating to the north of my lodgings: a wispy heart.

One thought on “20 Something: Unforeseen Perils of Hunting the Ever Elusive Wild Job

  1. shellyray says:

    Great blog! I’m currently looking for my first full-time job, and I can definitely relate to the struggle of job hunting (and feeling scammed at times). Check out my blog! I just wrote an article about not having a job.


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