Review: Born of Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2009)

Spoiler: The

Spoiler: The “night” thing was actually pretty irrelevant here.

So, I read the first two books in the Dark Hunter series, and I really loved them. I don’t have the third book, so I decided to try out another Kenyon series The League. There were a lot of similarities in the love story and traits of the lead male. But the setting was extremely different, and I really liked it. It’s set in the future full of different planets, species, and technology. It does seem to be the same universe we reside in, though. Fun fact: this book taught me that “Bodies” by Drowning Pool will outlast any other Earth music as we spread through the galaxy due to its perfect beat for learning how to beat the crap out of someone.

I had really high hopes for this books, and I did like it, but I felt that it dragged on and on after a while. I think I stopped having any emotional connection to the story around the third time female lead Kiara’s life was threatened and I had zero belief that she would actually be harmed. Also, while I adored Amanda in Night Pleasures and Sunshine in Night Embrace, I really hated Born of Night‘s Kiara after a while. She was repetitive, bland, and childish. I understood the main male Nykyrian’s emotional immaturity. I mean, he’s the deadliest assassin in the galaxy (universe maybe?) with a tortured past described in such detail that it became a source of deep aggravation for me towards the end when Kiara decides he needs to just put the past behind him, and he listens to her.

This book also didn’t have the page turner quality of the Dark Hunter books.It just seemed like there was a lot that could have been cut, and the fascinating side characters weren’t given enough time to shine. Instead I spent pages and pages inside Kiara’s head wishing she would get hurt. This was absurd because the whole reason I read books like this is for the gushiness and happy endings. Also she was often referred to as “tiny dancer” so I couldn’t stop thinking of the Elton John song, which did not help with keep me in suspense. I spent too much time karaoke-ing while reading.

Maybe it’s because I read three books by the same author in quick succession, but while I like Kenyon’s style and the simplicity of the story organization in her books, I think I need to take a break and read someone else for a bit. Maybe a new genre. Suggestions are welcome!

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