20 Something: My First Book Club Meeting

I’ve only been at my new place for two weeks, but I’ve already noticed that with the settling down of things, I have soooo much time on my hands. I’ve been reading a ton. I made a list of goals and an excel book to track them (I’m sure I’ll do a post on that eventually). I just wish that I had more people to hang out with. I don’t want to be hunkered down in my apartment watching local TV all day, especially now that I actually get every other weekend off.

So I googled book clubs in my area, and I happened to find Nerdy Girls OKC on Meet Up. As luck had it, there was a book club meeting coming up soon. It was Sunday. I read the book, Kindred by Octavia Butler, in two days. Fourteen other people were signed up to meet at a Panera Bread in the afternoon.

There ended up being only ten of us, but it was a good group. We spent probably half an hour talking about the book and an additional hour and a half talking about all sorts of other things. I think I was the youngest person there, but I didn’t feel at all out of place despite that.

I had a lot of fun, but I wish I were better at meeting people. Or rather, I wish I were better at making friends. It’s hard to tell if there’s a new best friend hidden among the group, someone that I could spend time with outside of the organized meetings of Nerdy Girls. I do plan to go to the needlecraft night at the same place on Tuesday evening, so maybe there will be some of the same people there. I know repeated exposure to people is the only real way to get to know someone after all.

At least I got out of the apartment for a couple of hours.


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