Review: Necklace from NPoeticus

Disclaimer: I personally know the person who runs this shop. We were suitemates at our dorm at Stony Brook University a few years ago, and I got to visit her again in July when I took a road trip back to New York for a concert.

I recently bought an incredibly cute necklace from the Etsy shop NPoeticus.

Me wearing the necklace

Me wearing the necklace-sorry it’s blurry.

I ordered it July 16, and it was in my mailbox July 24. I love most of the things in the shop. It’s all handmade and has a funky/vintage-y feel. I chose this for the reasonable price ($15) and the combination of gold and silver with a splash of red. It’s lightweight and well-balanced.

photo from the Etsy shop

photo from the Etsy shop

I’ve only owned this piece for a few days, so I’ll have to see how it holds up over time, but it seems to be sturdily constructed.

Check out the entire shop for home decorations and all kinds of jewelry, but here are some of my other favorite pieces:

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