20 Something: Guilty Pleasure Turning into Obsession

I don’t know quite how to admit this. It is embarrassing. However, I can no longer hide my obsession with Stargate SG-1. It is reaching absurd proportions. I may need help. Last night I was awake until 4 am watching the show with my old roommate. This is not the first time we have done this. However, his addiction to the show is not as great as mine. Seriously. I have seen every Pintrest post related to the show, I have watched YouTube montage videos, and I have even begun venturing into the Tumblrverse (they call it that, right?), though honestly that may be the key to my salvation in pulling me out of the Stargate world because I may be fangirling too hard right now.

Absolutely everybody!!

Absolutely everybody!!

In addition to the standard fan routes of showing admiration, I have been reading a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Stargate fanfiction. I’ve gotten behind on reading the second Game of Thrones book to read story after story (many distressingly incomplete) on fanfiction.net.

It wasn’t until until a few days ago that I realized just how long this addiction has been building. See, I watched the show while I was in high school when it was still airing seasons 9 and 10. I ended up seeing the whole series (and Atlantis) in bits and pieces over time as the SyFy channel aired reruns regularly. During the summer I could, and regularly did, watch half a season in one day. When I rediscovered the show on Amazon Prime a few months ago, I remembered this binge-watching. However, I had forgotten one other thing.

I found said other thing again while digging through some old drafts on my computer. Lately I have been devouring fanfiction of Stargate SG-1, but a few years ago, I was actually producing it.


Good news: I did not die from shame at admitting that.

The other night, I stayed up absurdly late to add to one of the incomplete homage stories. It is sitting on my computer waiting for me to continue, and you know what? Doing that is more tempting right now that working on my legitimate novel. I hadn’t written anything in over a week when I started adding to the fanfic, and in that one evening, I pounded out over 5,000 words. I know it is something that will never be published except perhaps here or on fanfiction.net. But it is relaxing to me. It is an outlet for my imagination which is currently overrun with the world of Stargate.

My roommate and I are currently about halfway through season 6. I’ve seen it all before, but it’s been so long that it’s almost like watching it for the first time all over again. I totally ship Sam/Jack, and I’m rediscovering how amazing Jonas Quinn’s hair is. I’m mourning for Daniel even though I know he will be back next season. And I can’t wait to see Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell again. I know, I know, many fans view seasons 9 and 10 without Jack as blasphemous or whatever, but I happened to start with those. I grew to admire and adore Jack over time, but I fell head over heels for Cam.

To further illustrate my descent into madness, I will be adopting a kitten from one of my coworkers soon (the mama kitty is keeping them on her patio at the moment). I have decided that a female kitten must be either Maj. Samantha Carter or Selmak. And a male must be either Col. Jack O’neill or Teal’c. Or perhaps Martouf. There is still much decision-making to be done on that front.

I’m not sure why I deciding to bring this all up today. Perhaps it is offered as an explanation for why I haven’t posted anything in a week or more. Anyway, if you feel my pain at Selmak’s passing or the fact that Sam and Jack will probably never be together, then you can definitely be my friend.


sam carter


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