Blog-Tember #2: The best day ever

Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

I talk a lot recently about how much I love being single, and I swear, I really really do. But for some reason my ideal day still involves another person. On this day, a special someone (and I’m not being coy with the someone, I really mean this could be anybody special) gets snowed in with me. We are stuck in the apartment. Realizing our situation, we promptly make hot chocolate with Irish Cream and settle in front of a magically already crackling fire.

We talk. We talk about movies, books, science, philosophy, Pokemon, turtle racing, knitting, exercise, school, technology, and 80s hair metal. We talk for hours as the fire burns and we continue to refill our hot chocolates (better yet, since it’s “ideal” we never have to refill them; they are endless cups). We get hungry, and together we make a delicious vegetarian meal, most likely involving pasta or rice. Or maybe we make sushi. Anyway, after the dinner (magically clean dishes) we decide to play in the snow. We make snow angels and attempt to make a snowman, but we grow tired of that and end up simply flinging powder at each other until our faces are red and we’re breathing heavily.

So, naturally, we go inside to make cookies. Probably snickerdoodles. Or maybe peppermint chocolate chip. We cuddle on the couch with our plate of fresh cookies. And once we’ve eaten our fill, we kind of just do our own thing. Seriously. I’ll be reading or knitting (or both). They’ll be also reading or playing video games or what have you. We’ll still be next to each other, but we don’t have to touch or speak. Just sitting in the amiable quiet, with a background of a turntable probably playing Journey or Styx, while the snow settles outside and we enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, as the night draws to a close, we’ll cuddle watching Netflix (probably anime) before heading to bed. Where we’ll fall asleep in each other’s arms but wake up separate because seriously I cannot sleep through the night with somebody wrapped around me.

The merrily crackling fireplace

The merrily crackling fireplace

Ah, perfection.

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