Blog-Tember 3: Passion and Glory

Okay, so the actual prompt is: What are you passionate about?

So here, for your reading pleasure, I present a tale of passion and woe. And glory. And maybe a little weirdness.

It was a normal day like any other. Jen woke up later than she intended, but it was her day off, so it wasn’t like anyone would care. Except her. There weren’t enough hours in the day as it was. She was so behind on her goals for the week. She had only done yoga for 30 minutes once. She still needed to write another 4,000 words of her novel to be caught up with her goal of 7,000 a week (which many more prolific writers might find to be a shamefully low goal anyway). She only had one blog post under her belt for the week, and no ideas for another. She still needed to watch a film in French and read a chapter from a book, also in French. The one area where she was doing alright was cooking. She was cooking at home every night (and sometimes breakfast too) and her goal of using at least one new recipe each week was progressing nicely.

But now it was noon, and even though she would undoubtedly be awake until 2am or later, she knew that she was running behind.

“Yoga. Breakfast. Shower? Eh, not going anywhere or seeing anyone, I can skip it. Blog. Novel. French. Computer programming lesson. More novel. Oh, and I should probably do the dishes. Also the trash is full. Have I checked the mail recently?”

She lay back in bed and seriously considered just going back to sleep. But it could not be borne! She didn’t have another day off until her goal chart started over for the next week. Things must be accomplished! How was she ever going to become fluent in French if she didn’t practice (close to) daily? How was she supposed to finish a novel by the end of the year if she wasn’t working on it? And knowledge of how to use Java wasn’t going to simply materialize in her brain over night. 

Jen thought fleetingly of her abandoned knitting project sitting on the futon in the living room, and she sighed. There wasn’t enough time for it all. She spread herself too thin. Why couldn’t she be one of those people with only one passion? Granted most of the things on her list were probably not passions per se, but rather hobbies she wished to master. She wanted to know too many things. Do too many things.

Ach! Can you feel the tortured soul of this poor girl? This is slightly exaggerated; I don’t get that behind on my goal lists anymore. But I do really have that many things going on because I can’t not be busy. Can’t do it.

But I suppose if I had to choose one passion, it would be writing. For sure.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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