Blog-Tember 6: What’s in a Name?

Prompt: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

This is actually kind of a fun story. Well, I got far more amusement out of it than I probably should have, but that’s why I ended up using it for the blog name. This tale comes from my first year at SBU. I still miss it.

Seawolf for life

Seawolf for life

The Story:

Setting: Stony Brook University, 4.5 years ago

I sat in the sociology lecture hall fiddling with my pen waiting for class to start. It was the first day, so the seats were actually pretty much full, except the ones to either side of me. Well, I did sit in the second row, so that wasn’t entirely surprising. Also, I knew absolutely no one here. I hadn’t met many people on campus yet this semester, and I hadn’t completely met up with all the friends I had made the previous semester. It’s hard when you spend the month-long winter break in a different state over 1400 miles away.

Anyway, I was contemplating all of this (probably, my memory really isn’t that specific) when somebody took the seat next to me. Or maybe he asked first, and I said it was open. Again, details are hazy, but whatever. Of course, the details could be kind of hazy because my first clear thought was “This guy is cuuuute.” Yup, just like that. Dragging out the vowel. Like a high school girl. Granted, it was my freshman year and I was still a bit awestruck by my surroundings.

So this really cute (really short) guy sits next to me, and I honestly don’t remember if we talked during that class or if it was in the next class when he sat next to me again that we began talking. He was a physics major, formerly architecture, and he had transferred from SUNY Buffalo, but he was from Long Island. Oh, and he was kind of jacked. So there was that.

He lived off-campus, so sometimes between classes he would come to my dorm to hang out (read: nap). It was a really chill set up. Anyway, one day he had come over and we were laying (read: cuddling) in my ridiculously small extra-long twin dorm bed when he said, “Hey, do you think we can keep this strictly business?”

I probably should have been offended by the intimation that a relationship was out of the question. Maybe. Anyway, I wasn’t offended, and after only a moment of confusion, I started laughing and said “Sure, why not?” At least, in my memory I was that suave about it. But really I was super insecure about myself at that time in my life. Whatever.

The point is: I started this blog shortly thereafter and the phrase stuck with me. There was nothing business about our friendship, and there is nothing business about this blog. The whole thing was very personal actually. And I think I took it a lot harder than I should have when he (obviously) moved on after the end of the semester. He did apologize for it later, which was nice.

So yeah, that’s the reason. I know everyone has been dying to know!

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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