Random Friday: The Osiris Ritual

So, I stumbled across this really cool Random Friday thing on the blog “Books and Messy Buns” by Rebeca. The full instructions are in her post HERE. Basically it uses a random number generator to find a sentence in the book you are reading. (And I know it’s not Friday, but I just found this, so here it is anyway.)

I got: “I think he’s been extracting a secretion or hormones from their brains.” I’m reading The Osiris Ritual by George Mann. It’s the second book in the Newbury and Hobbes Investigation series.The first book is The Affinity Bridge. I just finished it a couple of days ago.

Series synopsis: Sir Maurice Newbury is an academic at the British Museum and an agent for Queen Victoria. His assistant is Miss Veronica Hobbes, a forward-thinking young woman and good detective in her own right. Together, they solve mysteries in this steampunk Victorian era.

The writing is stellar. There’s lots of action, and the descriptions are fabulous. Both of these things are really important to me in a book. The interaction between Hobbes and Newbury (as well as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard, Sir Charles Bainbridge) is really fascinating, but I love that the two can also work separately on cases.

I know there are at least two more books in the series as I found them at my local library, so I’m really excited to read those, too. Definitely a series worth checking out.

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