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20 Something: Secondhand Shopping

I went thrift shopping today.

Halloween is 30 days away, and I needed cargo pants. The fates were with me and I found a pair in my size immediately. Actually, I found two pair. Of course, I only needed one for the costume, so then the debate started over which pair was more perfect for it.

I also ended up finding some great work shirts and a copy of Boondock Saints, which I’m really surprised I didn’t already own considering that I love that movie.

But then I got home, and I realized I didn’t have hangers for things. This meant it was time to let something go. Oi.

When I moved into my new place a couple of months ago, I did a deep clean of my closet. I threw out tons of stuff that I just didn’t wear. So this time, it was harder to let go of anything. But I realized as I was looking through my clothes, I don’t wear most of what I still have anyway.

My uniform for work is a black shirt and jeans. So that’s what I wear five days a week. I don’t change into something else when I get home unless I’m going somewhere, and that isn’t often. On my days off, I often just wear what I slept in if I’m staying home. I’ve been trying to build up more office appropriate attire since I’m trying to find an office job, so those things needed to stay. But most of the things I kept fell into either “sweaters” or “college clothes.”

After much debate, I finally got rid of some of the “college clothes.” It’s hard to let them go because I still love that look. These shirts are those (probably out of style now) burn-out or solid lace t-shirts that were pretty much my entire fashion choice when I was taking classes. But these days, I don’t have a use for them. I still love the look, but when I do go somewhere, that’s not what I’m wearing. I have slightly nicer outfits for going out, and that’s what I wear.

Theoretically, I didn’t have to get rid of them, but I’m trying to keep my belongings to a minimum, and that means not keeping things I don’t use or need. And as much as it pains me, I don’t need them. Or use them.

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