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20 Something: New Places New Faces

I don’t go out often, so when I do have a big night, I like to talk about it. My usual philosophical musings and general storytelling will be absent here.

Friday night I went out to an OKC country dance place called Cowboys for the first time. They have live bull riding! I maybe got a little too excited about that and somehow acquired the urge to go to an actual rodeo, which I haven’t done since I was like 12.

I am not a country girl. If I had to put myself in a music/stereotype I would say I’m a rocker chick. But I grew up in Oklahoma, and you can’t escape country here. It’s what plays in every dive bar; it’s what everyone sings for karaoke. Most of the radio stations play country music.

And it’s not just the music. It’s the pearl snaps, domestic beer, and cowboy hats/boots for girls and guys alike.

It’s also seriously not my thing. However, for some reason I really like to two-step, and line dances can actually be really fun. I’m not particularly good at either of those things, but I like doing them anyway. I like dancing, I like 25¢ beers (even if they are domesticates), and I like mingling.

Friday night, I went out with just one female friend. This was new for me. I’m always with a group or with one guy friend. Oddly enough, being out at a bar or club with a solitary guy makes everyone assume you are together. This is great when you don’t want to be bothered, but it’s not so great when you want somebody to ask you to two-step.

We got there before the crowds started rolling in so we grabbed seats right by the dance floor. We were instantly joined by half of a softball team from Pennsylvania. And that’s not a joke, though I am bad with sports so is 5 guys half of a team? Anyway, they were legitimately from somewhere near Altoona, which sparked a brief conversation because I got my oil changed there on the way to New York a few months ago. Small world.

Anyway, they were nice. I taught one to two-step. They migrated elsewhere at some point. We were asked to join, but neither my friend nor I wanted to leave the dance floor area.

I pretty much instantly regretted this decision when my friend was asked to dance, leaving me alone for two seconds before I was joined by a guy who looked like he should be a bouncer. He was from Brooklynn. That is only one of the many facts of his life that he shared with me in the brief time I was trapped with him. The bull riding started before my friend returned, and I was seriously considering telling her we needed to leave pronto as soon as I found her.

Fortuitously, the Brooklynn bouncer disappeared to the bar or something (I wasn’t really listening) and both my friend and I were claimed as dance partners by two very cute gents. We danced several times with the duo, and while I suck at spins, I really like them. And for the first time in nearly a year, somebody bought me a drink.

Actually three (or was it four?) different people offered, but I really don’t like to accept from people that I’m not interested in seeing again.

Also over the course of the evening, I met a guy who runs a vodka distillery, had a (possible) networking moment, and was recognized by a guy who went to my high school. Very full evening. Much merriment was shared.

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