How I Started Watching the Rugby World Cup 2015

I’m a little late to this party. Until two days ago, I had never seen a rugby game. I had no idea what a scrum was, and actually, I’m pretty sure that I had never heard the word anyway.

That all changed on Saturday. I had visited some family, and they were watching a college football game (specifically Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State). Most of my family are way into college football. Listening to my cousin’s husband and my uncle talk about specific points and intricacies of the game made me wish that I had a sport that I cared about enough to worry over a ref’s questionable call or even know what the hell the ref was saying.

But football doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know what it is that puts me off, though I suspect the slow overall pace of the game has a lot to do with it. I tried to get into it back in middle school, but that never went beyond establishing that I liked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ flag.

Seriously how cool is this? Remembering that I was 12.

Seriously how cool is this? Remembering that I was 12.

For some reason while I was mulling this over, I remembered that rugby exists. I had first really heard about it when I went to Stony Brook. The game is a lot more popular on the east coast than in the Midwest. I never really got involved in it, though. I never was big on sports beyond a brief stint playing volleyball in high school.

So after leaving my family, I went home and googled rugby. And I was completely overloaded with the number of divergent directions that could take until I stumbled on the information that the World Cup is going on. In fact, it started last month. I next looked up the basic rules of the game, but honestly it didn’t make any sense until I found a full game from the Cup on YouTube and started watching it. I think it was USA vs. Samoa (we lost).

Nice try, Eagles! (I know, I know, that pun has probably been done to death) Credit: Steve Barden via

Nice try, Eagles! (I know, I know, that pun has probably been done to death)
Credit: Steve Bardens via

Then, I found another old game. And then another. Then it was Sunday night and I had watched 6 games while knitting half a belt for my Kim Possible costume and making far too much chicken tortilla soup.

So, yeah, I’m kind of hooked on rugby. Specifically union, though I’m not adverse to seeing what rugby sevens is all about.

I wish that I had cable because I would love to see France play Ireland next weekend because that’s probably going to be awesome. But I’m actually halfway certain that it’s only going to be available on pay-per-view here in the states. Granted, I probably have to work anyway, so it makes little difference.

Les Bleus! Image found here.

Les Bleus! Image found here.

An interesting side effect of this latest obsession is that it’s making me read more French news. Apparently the French like their rubgy, and les bleus are a very high ranking team. I get to work on my second language and read about my new favorite sport all at the same time. Serendipity.

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