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20 Something: I Want to Work for a Non-Profit

I’ve been job hunting for a while now. I have been looking for something new since I graduated in May, actually. I haven’t been as consistent with the hunt as I probably needed to be to find something sooner. I’ve had a few days or a week where I don’t send out an application or really even skim the job boards.

Then I have days where I go into power mode, and I research companies and painstakingly craft cover letters and reshape my resume. I’ve tried various changes to my resume(s) and cover letter(s). I’ve internalized all of the advice on these crucial elements from tons of websites, and I never hear anything back. It’s discouraging.


Granted, my follow up game is still practically nonexistent, so that’s definitely an area I will be working on in the coming days. I just hate to bother people. I know when people call in to check on applications in my store, they generally haven’t heard back because we aren’t interested in interviewing them. So my personal experience is at war with everything I’ve read on the web.

At least I’m learning some things through this: like what I’m willing to put up with at a job and what isn’t worth it for me. See, I’m not desperately seeking a job. I make just enough at my full-time retail gig that I can make it through each month without hoarding toilet paper or counting grains of rice for meals. When I eat Ramen, it is a conscious choice rather than a necessity. I don’t make a lot of money, but I’m doing okay while my student loans are in grace.

Of course, that grace period ends soon, so paying off that expensive piece of currently useless paper is quickly rising on the priority list. However, I’m mostly looking for a new job because I am not happy with my current position. I don’t like working in retail. I’m good at it, but after three years (two of which have been with the same company) I had better be good at it. Even my high school movie theater job was centered around customer service. I’ve picked up those skills through necessity to work in the positions that were available to me and to move up within those companies.

Theoretically, I could go into upper management with my current company and make enough money to pay off my loans that way. But I don’t want to work in customer service. I don’t mind the idea of working in a capacity where customer service is a small part of my day, but I don’t want that to be my primary function anymore. At least, I don’t want to keep doing that in a corporate money-making machine.

Retail encourages materialism that I struggle not to get pulled into. I don’t want things, but my place of employment is designed to make people want things, and it’s hard to ignore that constant push when the message is bombarding me 40 hours per week that I should want STUFF. I also don’t agree with certain practices like in-store credit cards. They line the company’s pocket while damaging the credit of the consumer. Yet, I’m supposed to push this at every customer I encounter. And the idea of providing good customer service is really nice, but it’s not provided for the sake of helping people, it’s for the sake of getting them to buy more nonsense they don’t need or even really want.


Basically, I’m tired of being part of this. I feel like my job is poisoning my karma. So, I have been primarily searching for positions with non-profits lately. I want to work for an organization whose mission statement isn’t just a convoluted sentence hiding the subtext “Our company exists to take your money.”

So while I’m not financially desperate for something new yet, I’m beginning to be karmically desperate. I need a new job.

3 thoughts on “20 Something: I Want to Work for a Non-Profit

  1. Lunar says:

    Have you thought about reaching out to a staffing firm? I worked with one recently and they’re really good at focusing in on your skills and presenting your best qualities to their clients.


    • jenovotony says:

      I actually am signed up with an agency and they have gotten me one interview so far, but it ended up being a position I wasn’t interested in (very heavy phone-based customer service). I’m still hoping the agency will lead to something but I’ll just have to see I guess.


  2. Its-Jme says:

    Non-profit work is so liberating. This is exactly why I decided on a career in Corporate Social Responsibility for my organization. I get to work with tons of amazing non-profits and help them achieve their goals. It’s definitely a liberating career path!

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