NaNoWriMo Alternative: Day 8, The Road Not Taken

Pick a moment in your life where you made a life-changing decision. Imagine how your life would be different.Sugar coating and optimism are acceptable.

When I was 20 years old, I made a decision that I have variously celebrated and regretted depending on the season. I was finishing my second year at Stony Brook University, and I decided to transfer to a school in my home state of Oklahoma.

A lot of thought went into this, and most of the reasons for leaving were financial, but a large part of me still wishes that I could have finished my degree at Stony.

Anyway, here is my sugar-coated view of what would have happened if I had stayed. (Note: this doesn’t necessarily reflect my actual beliefs on the matter, more a matter of wishful thinking)

If I had stayed, I would now be living on Long Island, commuting into Manhattan to work at the New York Times because I would not have changed my major. I would have a large working portfolio of my writing from continuing to work with student publications. I would have a tiny but comfortable and outrageously priced apartment. I might even be pursuing a Master’s degree.

I would have learned to appreciate rugby much earlier. I might actually have a clue about networking. I wouldn’t have terrible allergies (which I completely blame on moving to New York and then returning to the Midwest). I would have a cat. I might even had met a charming man in my last years at Stony. My life would never have looked like a soap opera as it did this time last year.

Ok, that’s really all I’ve got. I’m not actually very good at daydreaming about that sort of thing. I think I made peace with the decision too long ago to really get behind it. That and I’m actually pretty happy with where I am now. I’m not completely happy, of course. But anyway, that’s really more in line with tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned for that.

So this attempt at day-dreaming was an abject failure. Anybody else have better luck?


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