NaNoWriMo Alternative: Day 9, Reality Check

Back to reality. Explain why your life is better now than in the make believe of yesterday.

So yesterday I attempted to daydream about what would have happened if I had finished my degree at my first university in New York. I kind of failed, and I promised an explanation for why.

Here’s a snapshot of my life right now:

I have a 450 sq ft apartment with a sunset view from my balcony. And it’s all mine.

My balcony view to the north

My balcony view to the north

I work full-time at a job that often exasperates and exhausts me, but it’s not the worst job I’ve ever had. It doesn’t pay what it should, but it’s a temporary state of being, not my ultimate career path. I also work part-time as a freelance digital content writer. That is much more rewarding than my retail day job, and eventually I would like to make writing my full-time occupation (along with web development, which I’m still learning).

I kind of wish that I had a cat, and I’m still considering getting one, but I really enjoy the freedom of not having anyone depend on me.

Mr. Satan/Sir Ian McClellan/Razor--old roomie's kitty

Mr. Satan/Sir Ian McClellan/Razor–old roomie’s kitty

I have friends that I see fairly regularly, and they know me really well. We don’t have many crazy adventures, but that’s cool with me because sitting around watching YouTube videos and talking about randomness is fun anyway.

One of our rare adventures out

One of our rare adventures out

I have a B.A. which was my life goal for the longest time. Now that it’s completed, I have time to pursue my hobbies while I figure out what exactly my new life goal is. I’ve been learning web development, perfecting my French, working on this blog (which I love even if no one else does), and cooking. Oh, and knitting because I’m working on Christmas gifts. So much knitting.

Though I do still cringe about the colors I'm wearing for this

Though I do still cringe about the colors I’m wearing for this

Sometimes going to sleep alone sucks, but I have a giant stuffed frog named Gustave and a body pillow covered in rainbow peace signs, so I’m kept pretty snug.

My apartment is flooded with books, Eiffel Towers, and color.


My life isn’t terribly exciting to the outside observer, but I really do love it. Sure I could have missed some heartache over the past few years if I had still been in New York, but let’s be honest, I probably would have just found new heartaches. Because there would have been good times there, and there were good times here. There are still good times here.

If I could go back, I probably would just to see how things could have turned out differently, but I don’t have that power, so I’m perfectly content with where I ended up. Besides, I’m still young, and I’m still not tied down. I could go back to New York. Or I could go to Wisconsin. Or Pennsylvania. Or France.

I guess what I’m trying to say with this rambling overshare post is that I don’t really regret my decision to come back to Oklahoma because being happy wherever I am is far more important than being in a specific location.

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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