NaNoWriMo Alternative: Day 13, Burn Out

While writing all day everyday sounds like fun, it’s not really practical. Burn out is real. So, what’s your favorite thing to do when not writing?

Burn out has definitely been an issue for me lately. Not just with writing, but kind of with everything. Once I get off work, all I want to do is chill in front of YouTube. Possibly knit. But definitely nothing more taxing or more productive than that.

This, of course, is a problem. I have a lot of stuff that needs done, and I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish.

So instead of writing about things I like to do when I’m not writing (which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned multiple times on this blog anyway) I’m going to make a get-myself-back-on-track post.



I said I was going to make and probably post videos of myself speaking in French. I haven’t really done much of that. Or any of that. I also haven’t been translating my old stuff, or writing new stuff, in French. I even stopped doing DuoLingo, which is pretty much the laziest way to brush up on language skills.

The fix:

I need to make a time table and stick to it. I also need to find some way to make myself accountable for this. Obviously I am making this up as I go along right now, but I promise a post in more detail about all this once I get it ironed out.

Web Development


I have been totally slacking here because once I got out of the brand new, beginner stage, I really had no idea where to go next. Of course, I have continued using that excuse instead of moving on anyway.

The fix:

I recently discovered The Odin Project, which seems to be geared towards helping people get over the intermediate hump (or the cliffs of confusion and desert of despair as they call it). I’ve gone through a few of the lessons, and I need to just make myself stick with it.



The other day I mentioned that I’ve kind of given up on NaNo for this year. This will not do!

The fix:

I am setting a new goal for myself to write one scene a day rather than a specific word count. I doubt this will get me to 50k by the 30th, but right now, the point is really to get back to working on it at all.



I haven’t really been slacking on this too terribly unless you count not searching for new clients and not working on my portfolio or my professional blog. All of which are rather important come to think of it.

The fix:

It’s time to get serious about my professional website. Again. I actually have some credited articles building up for the portfolio, so that bit is just a waiting game for actual publication, but I need to go back to the idea of doing mock ups of the types of articles and things that I am interested in writing. Specifically tech-oriented pieces.

En Fin

I may be setting myself up for failure again by trying to focus on four things at once. In fact, I’m pretty sure that is a terrible idea. So, over the next couple of days, I’ll really be figuring out what is most important to focus on for me at this time. French can be fit in just about anywhere (though perhaps not as much hardcore study as I would like), and the novel writing idea shouldn’t require a huge time commitment, just a bit of willpower.

So, here’s hoping that willpower wins for once.


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