Knitting Christmas Gifts

Knitting Christmas Gifts

I love knitting things for other people. I’ve made so many things for myself over the years that I really don’t need to make anything else for myself, so it’s nice to have people to knit for instead.

Also, hand-knit gifts just seem more personal. And sometimes it’s really hard to pick gifts for my family members and friends because either I don’t know what they would want or they seem to have everything. But everyone could always use a new scarf or pair of socks, right?

Every year this idea to knit gifts pops up, but this is the first year that I feel I’m being really successful at it. Usually it occurs to me a couple of weeks before Christmas and I end up scrambling to whip some things up.

This year, I actually planned ahead. Back in October I started a Trello board for my knitting projects where I have three lists: To Knit, Knitting, and Knitted. Under each list are cards for the people I want to give things to this year, and in the descriptions of each I included links to patterns or a brief description of whatever I decided to make for that person.

So, over the last month and a half, I have made: three scarves, three earwarmers, one hat, one shawl, one pair of slippers, and one dog collar/scarf.

I still need to finish one pair of socks, two scarves, and one dog sweater.

Almost done!

After the holidays I plan to upload some pictures of the projects (hopefully being worn by the recipients) because some of them might actually read this, so I don’t want to go into too much detail today.

However, I also posted a video to my YouTube channel in my Jen Does Things series. I’m working on one of the scarves and just talking about how I got into knitting and some other thoughts on the hobby. If you’d like to check that out, click here.


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