Apple Vs. Android

Disclaimer: I sort of want to put this in a new category of “Things I know little about” because although I have an avid interest in programming languages, my interest isn’t really in app development for smartphones. I just know what I like to use. So this post is speaking from my personal experiences as a smartphone user of both Apple and Android.

I’m an Android user. I used an iPhone 4 for just over a year, but it was only because my aunt gave me her used one after my barely broken-in HTC First took a tragic tumble onto a pile of crumbled bricks under my apartment stairs and cracked the LCD. 

I didn’t mind the phone. Sure it was annoying that I couldn’t share a charger with anyone who owned anything other than an iPhone 4 (talk about inconvenient) but other than that, it seemed like any other smartphone to me. Granted, I’m currently using something called a ZTE Maven, so obviously I am not a smartphone-o-phile to begin with.

However, the charger thing is the most visible symbol of what really makes me prefer Androids: They just seem more inclusive.

android vs apple

I’ve been having way too much fun on Canva. Post about that coming soon.

Apple operates like a closed-system. If you’re going to use one Apple product, you have to commit to the whole (absurdly expensive) line including the constant updates in both software and hardware every few months.

I’m a PC. I’ve only ever owned Windows computers. Actually, I even have a preferred brand: Dell. I’ve used Macs for classes when I was working on my degree because for some reason universities love those things, but I could never really get behind the system. Why are your min/max and close buttons on the left??

This love of Windows made things difficult when I owned an iPhone. Well, difficult is a bit strong. It made things inconvenient from time to time. And in this age of general modern convenience, that’s a problem for me.

I hate iTunes for one thing. I still have it on my computer from that time because I’m too lazy to delete it, but it wants to update more than any other program on my computer, including Adobe Reader, which is the second offender on that score. And iTunes is constantly feuding with Windows Media Player over file types. Get over yourself, iWhatever.

The one thing I envy about iPhone users is that a lot of really cool apps I hear/read about are available only in the Apple store.

I recently heard about a nifty-sounding new app on Twitter called SpotKit. The basic idea seems to be kind of like FourSquare, which I’ve never used, but the ads for it constantly pop up on my Tumblr feed. It’s a social media app where you share your favorite places with friends.

I would love to try out this app, but it’s in beta. On iProducts.

I did tweet the creator asking about a potential Android version, so maybe I’ll hear something to the contrary by the time I actually post this.

There have been others, too. For instance, Her, a dating app for lesbians/bisexual/queer women only, sounds awesome, but it’s only available for iPhones. I can’t think of any others off the top of my head because once I find out I can’t download them, I forget they exist.

I love Android because it’s so versatile. It’s a very welcoming platform, and I’m all about inclusion. And variety. It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, LG, etc. If an app works for one, it will work for the others.

Because seriously, Apple, why does every single new phone need its own distinct charger? Do the iPads have different ports, too? Geez.

As noted in the disclaimer, this is something I really don’t know much about beyond my personal experiences, so if you think I’m way off-base on this assessment, let me know.

So, Apple or Android?

Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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