Sunday Review: Blog, Inc.

Last week I posted a new (tentative) blogging schedule, and it was actually inspired by this book Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community by Joy Deangdeelert Cho.


I found it at my local library, and they actually have a great selection of other blogging books as well that I will be checking out as this thing rolls along. Support your local library!

Anyway, I love this book. The layout is awesome; the content is well-organized. And, most importantly, it’s full of genuinely useful and succinct information for beginners and long-time bloggers alike. Though I admit, it might be more helpful for beginners and/or people who are looking to monetize their blog.

I have been posting to this blog for about 5 years now, but only in the past year did I really start doing it with any regularity. I feel like a lot of that had to do with not knowing exactly what I was trying to accomplish with it, and I’m really still figuring out what this is exactly. So in that light, I kind of feel like a newbie.

Cho offers great pointers and ideas on types of blogs, types of content, and ways to stand out.

My favorite feature of the book is the interviews with other bloggers. These are sprinkled throughout the chapters, and while the questions in them don’t seem particularly linked to the chapters they are in (which I think would have been a better tactic) it is really nice to hear how other bloggers got started and what cool things they are doing now that they’ve gained a following.

Basically, the interviews serve as a nice inspiration rather than actual valuable information, but I’m okay with that.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t call this book a one-stop guide for blogging, but it does offer a lot of great jumping off points. I’ve gained a lot of ideas for things that I want to do with this blog like the aforementioned schedule and potential guest/cross-blog posts with my friend over at the fashion and lifestyle blog Lilies and Lattes.

This book also helped me realize how important the community aspect of blogging is to me. It’s definitely inspired me to more actively seek out new blogs and try to actually foster relationships with other bloggers. I would like to meet some others in my area.

So, yeah, if you’re looking for some inspiration on pretty much any aspect of running a blog, I recommend checking out this book first.

Next week: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

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