The sweater is finally finished!

I started working on this sweater nearly two years ago. About a year ago, I finished the body, sleeves, and hood. But it took me until this week to finish the hood edging and pocket. It’s finally done!

braided cable sweater

Finished product!

I used the Holla Hoodie pattern from, which I found on Ravelry, and I just added a pocket at the end. There’s braided cable on the sleeves and around the hood.

It was definitely a learning project. The sweater’s a bit asymmetrical in places. One sleeve is nearly two inches longer than the other and the pocket is crooked. I knit up too much cable for the hood edging so there’s a bit of a gape that shouldn’t be at the neck.

So, it’s not perfect. But the red tweed yarn is super cute, and it’s very soft and warm. This is the third full-sized sweater I’ve ever made, and it’s my favorite so far.


It is really heavy, though, so it’s definitely a frigid-day only kind of thing.

Next up: Another sweater. I want to try to get things a little more symmetrical. I also want to design my own. I saw this really cute trench-length sweater with a ruffled edge at work, and I think I can more or less copy the style.

Fingers crossed that this works out and doesn’t take me two years to complete!

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