20 Something: Turning 24

I turned 24 yesterday. It didn’t really feel like a big thing. I never really concentrate much on birthdays. My friends gave me some new records, so that was pretty sweet. We also had a really fun night just having some wine and cheese and talking about randomness. Those are my favorite nights.


The beanie was technically a Christmas present. Wonder Woman!

And today I’m going to have dinner with my grandparents and aunts. It’s our birthday tradition that we eat at Red Lobster for my birthday.

I made a video about the 24 things I’m proud of in my life, and I thought that today I would make a list of 24 things that I want to accomplish in the next 24 years. I guess it’s something like a bucket list.

A lot of the things have been mentioned on this blog before as things that I want to do, but I think it’s good to check in with myself every now and then to see what my goals are so I can look back later and see how I’m doing.

  1. Publish a book
  2. See France/Europe
  3. Move out of Oklahoma (again)
  4. Be able to state that I am fully bilingual
  5. Have 100 subscribers on YouTube
  6. Reach 500 followers on S(P)B
  7. Meditate daily
  8. Deepen my yoga practice
  9. Really learn how to code
  10. Make pecan pie (my favorite dessert) from scratch
  11. Try vegetarianism (again)
  12. Knit a Stargate themed scarf
  13. Learn about wine
  14. Read all of the books that I own
  15. Learn to fully let go of that which does not serve me
  16. Learn ballroom dancing, particularly the waltz
  17. Be less reserved in public
  18. Stop working in retail
  19. Write about the New York trip from last summer
  20. Learn a third language
  21. Keep a journal, like I did when I was younger
  22. Fix my teeth
  23. Appreciate the people and things that I have in my life
  24. Make it another 24 years

Some of these are things that I feel I could accomplish before I turn 25, so it’ll be interesting to see how many things I can cross off over the course of 2016.

Some are more life goals that don’t really have an end point; they’re just things that I want to continually strive for.


I made myself a birthday hat

So, happy birthday to me. And happy birthday to you, or happy unbirthday, as the case may be.

And tell me, what are your goals? Long-term, short-term, whatever you feel like sharing.


Opinions, Thoughts, and Questions belong below!

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