Foodie Fun: Stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in BACON

For Father’s Day, my aunt made jalapenos stuffed with sharp cheddar and wrapped in bacon. They were tiny little things, but they were delicious!

So, of course, being the impulse buyer that I am, when I came home from vacation and went produce shopping, I had to pick up the pack of 6 mammoth jalapenos for 86 cents at Aldi. I both love and hate Aldi, but that’s a story for another time.

So here’s tiny little me with six giant jalapenos.

Okay, so I only made 3 of them, and then I still couldn’t eat it all. I don’t know that I want to try reheating them…

Anyway, on to the part you’re actually here for.


Wine, food, and vinyl. 3 of my most favorite things.

Things to Use

  • Jalapenos-Go big or Go out for dinner
  • Cream Cheese
  • Cheese of any variety –I used shredded Colby Jack

  • BACON –Aldi BACON deserves the all-caps because it is divine fatty goodness

Things to Do

  1. Put on Gloves. I skipped this step because—though I had seen my aunts do it all the time—I thought it was silly. I didn’t realize I had a bit of loose skin on my right ring finger. It’s on fire now. So is the tip of my tongue because I licked the area—saliva is supposed to help, right?—and the corner of my mouth is on fire, too. Idk how, but jalapeno juice even in tiny quantities freaking spreads. Luckily, peach Chardonnay helps with the sting a bit. Anyway, wear the gloves.


    For some reason these colors make me think of Scooby-Doo…

  2. Cut jalapenos in half and remove innards. All of them. Veiny membranes, seeds; it’s all gotta go to make room for the cheesy goodness.
  3. Cut a chunk of cream cheese and spread in each of the empty jalapeno halves.
  4. Pack shredded cheese in remaining space/sprinkle over the cream cheese. Cheese it up!
  5. Wrap in half a slice of bacon. Or a whole slice. Go ham. Or rather, go BACON.
  6. Place filled jalapenos on aluminum foil-lined baking sheet. Poke with toothpicks to keep bacon in place if you think it’s necessary. I didn’t, and it was mostly fine.


    6 little bundles of YUM ready to go in the oven.

  7. Remember that the oven isn’t preheated. Turn that on to 350 and clean up while waiting for it to reach the proper temperature. Jam out to Journey’s Frontiers, side 1. Pro-tip: this is one of the best break-up albums in existence. That’s not actually relevant to anything; I just think it’s interesting.
  8. Bake for 15 minutes until the BACON is all sizzly and beautiful so that it has actually earned the all-caps.
  9. Pour more peach Chardonnay in case the peppers are hotter than expected.
  10. Enjoy.

En Fin

I don’t actually have anything to add here other than 10/10 would fix again.

Oh, and the wine I’m drinking is from the Winery on the Gruene in Gruene, TX.


It’s pronounced “Green”

Really neat place with lots of fruit wines. A bit sweeter than the things I normally drink, but very good nonetheless, and the prices are quite reasonable. I’ll probably do a post on the trip to Gruene at some point, but we’ll see how things go.

Anyway, let me know if you try this, and what you think!

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