Establishing My Nerd Cred: Pokémon No

Can we talk about PokemonGo for a second?

Actually, I’d rather not. Because I’m not playing it.


Get it?

I don’t mean this as some sort of rebellious and/or hipster thing against the mainstream. Though, I have to admit, sometimes I get a little like that.

Also, I think this could be an interesting time to dissect the philosophy behind why a large segment of the population all enjoying the same thing makes everyone eventually hate it even if they still love it. (Twilight, Frozen, superheroes as a general concept, etc.) And I don’t think that’s restricted to “hipsters,” but maybe we’ll talk about that at another time.

No, I’m not playing because I’m freaking busy. I work 35-40 hours a week, and unlike my coworkers who play PG while at work, I tend to actually, you know, work.

Also, I’m in the process of fully launching my freelance copywriting business. Have to wait until Monday to file for my EIN and then register with the state Tax Commission, but the website/portfolio and everything is in place and ready to launch as soon as I convince myself that it’s good enough.

Not to mention that I’ve already been doing quite a bit of freelance work for one company.

So, yeah, busy.

Don’t get me wrong; PG sounds great. I love the idea of it, and some of the stuff about it on Tumblr is cracking me up. Like this comic.

But I didn’t grow up with Pokemon. I started playing in college. I never dreamed of being the very best like no one ever was. I wanted to be Velma, but that’s another story.


My childhood friends.

I think it’s really cool that people who did have that kind of childhood, as well as kids who are going to grow up with it now, get to do all of that. But it’s not me.

And I really hate that I have to defend my reasons for not playing. I hate that I even have to have reasons for not playing.

So please stop asking when I’m going to start playing because chances are that I’m not. I love all of my friends who play, and I’m glad you guys get so much enjoyment out of it, but it’s really just not my thing.

I still love Charmander with every fiber of my being, and we can talk Nintendo DS Pokemon games all day, but until somebody develops an app where you’re a member of the Scooby Gang and your car becomes the Mystery Machine while you drive around setting traps for masked villains…

Someone please get on that. Please.



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